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Milios on Althusser’s anti-Hegelianism

In the same article Milios also offers the following intriguing periodisation as a way to circumvent the tricky issue of reconciling the anti-Hegelianism of Althusserian and the Hegelianism of Value-Form Theory: Althusser became increasingly sceptical about the problematic of the … Continue reading

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Althusserian Theory as Form-Analytic Social Theory

John Milios’s Capital after Louis Althusser. Focusing on Value-Form Analysis can be seen to provide an illuminating discussion of how elements of Althusserian social theory can extend a value-theoretic reading of Capital into a form-analytic social theory. Although Milios rightly … Continue reading

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Althusser contra Honneth

As far as I know nobody has advanced a materialist form-analytic critique against Honneth’s notion of recognition, which it seems to me might be done along the following lines: Exploitation does not take place in the realm of ‘intersubjective relations’ … Continue reading

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Clarke on Form-Analytic and Althusserian Marxism

One of the projects I have been working on concerns points of compatibility between the form-analytic and Althusserian readings of Marx. I have also been struggling with articulating what I find problematic about the Althusserian interpretation of fetishism. In this … Continue reading

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Althusser on Abstraction

‘Can we draw some provisional conclusions from this long analysis of abstraction? First of all, we can say that human beings live in abstraction, under abstract relations, which control all their practices. Next, we can say that abstraction in general … Continue reading

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Perry Anderson on Adorno and Althusser

I’ll be using the following in a revised publication of my recent HM paper on Ranciere: “Adorno’s Neg­a­tive Dialec­tic, first devel­oped in lec­tures in Paris in 1961 and com­pleted in 1966, repro­duces a whole series of motifs to be found … Continue reading

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