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Backhaus on Fetishism

“The subject of my work is basically only one thing: the problem of fetishism. It presents itself in three ways: as the the objectivity of the economic object, then as the problem of its contradictory structure, ie as the problem … Continue reading

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Black Box

The article of mine on the Domination of Nature has just been published alongside other luminaries in the first issue of Black Box.

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The Theory of the Form and the Development of Forms: Fetishism, Methodology and Social Theory in New Readings of Marx’

Here is a paper I am looking to revise for publication that compares elements of Ranciere and Backhaus and Reichelt’s new readings of Marx and argues that Heinrich can be said to bring together these elements. Periodefinal  

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Backhaus Translation Fund

New site for a long overdue effort to translate Backhaus’s seminal work on value-form theory.

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Process of Domination, the article

I finished my final edits yesterday on an article for a new journal called Black Box, which PM Press will be putting out. The article is adapted from a talk I gave last year at the Institute for the Humanities, … Continue reading

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HMNY Paper

I believe a recording of the panel on Adorno’s Marxism was made, which I will circulate when it is available. In the meantime, here is the text of my speech, typos and all: The phenomenology of the anti-Spirit”: Adorno’s Marxism … Continue reading

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Backhaus Translation Fund

Please contribute to this effort to raise $ 6,600 to translate Backhaus’ Dialectic of the Value-Form.

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The Process of Domination II

Here is an updated version of my talk on critical theory, capitalism and the domination of nature and the Harper government, the properly polished version with footnotes etc. will be published in late summer: “The Process of Domination Spews out … Continue reading

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Method and Social Theory in Critical Theory.

I think the following passage from Horkheimer’s Traditional and Critical Theory serves as a good postscript to my earlier post on Value-Form Theory and Critical Social Theory. This is because I think it does a good job of showing how … Continue reading

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Capital-centric Marxism and Negative-Dialectics-centric Critical Theory: Value-Form Theory as critical social theory

Value-form theory is often criticized for its obsession with Marxological philology or for its theological attempt to logically-derive all of society from Capital. In some instances the two might even overlap. This is not the case with all value-form theory … Continue reading

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