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Backhaus on the signficance of Marx’s value-form analysis

‘The value-form analysis is significant in a three-fold respect: it is the point of confluence of sociology and economic theory; it inaugurates Marx’s critique of ideology and a specific theory of money which founds the primacy of the sphere of … Continue reading

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Backhaus on Fetishism.

I’m a particular fan of the following bit from Dialectics of the Value-Form because it does such a good job of: (a) encapsulating the many bad readings of fetishism and (b) bringing out how Marx’s theory of fetishism differentiates itself … Continue reading

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Gerstenberger on State, Capital, Crisis

The author of Impersonal Power delivering a keynote in English at some conference in Frankfurt:   For those who don’t have the time to grapple with the Leviathan that is Impersonal Power, Open Marxism Volume 1 has an essay by … Continue reading

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Adorno 1962 Seminar on Marx.

What follows is a rough translation a friend made for me of H.G. Backhaus’ notes from Adorno’s 1962 seminar on Marx. The notes are published as the appendix to Backhaus’s yet untranslated Dialektik der Wertform: Untersuchungen zur marxschen Ökonomiekritik A translation … Continue reading

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Backhaus Lecture on Adorno.

For all you German speakers, or admirers of the dulcet tones of Hans-Georg Backhaus, here’s a talk he gave on Adorno und die metaökonomische Kritik der positivistischen Nationalökonomie.

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Error on Trinity Formula Translation error.

JR was kind enough to point out my cock up on this post. In the post I point out that distorted it is a bad translation of verkehrten form. For some reason I then substitute verrückt for verkehrten. I don’t how I managed … Continue reading

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Trinity Formula Translation Error.

NB. I Just discovered that the English translation of the Trinity Formula on translates verkehrten form as distorted form. Distorted is a word analytical philosophers use that sounds concise but is really quite general. Distorted also contributes to fetish … Continue reading

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The All-Penetrating Ether of Society: Adorno, Exchange, and Abstract Social Domination

Here’s the paper I presented at the recent HM conference. Like most conference papers I have presented its rough and fragmentary but it gives an idea of what I am struggling with   The All-Penetrating Ether of Society: Adorno, Exchange, … Continue reading

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Backhaus Workshop

Hell Yeah:   The Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London invites you to: Value, Money and Crisis: A Workshop on the Work of Hans-Georg Backhaus Presentations by Riccardo Bellofiore and Tommaso Redolfi Riva, responses by Chris Arthur and Werner … Continue reading

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