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The Process of Domination II

Here is an updated version of my talk on critical theory, capitalism and the domination of nature and the Harper government, the properly polished version with footnotes etc. will be published in late summer: “The Process of Domination Spews out … Continue reading

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Method and Social Theory in Critical Theory.

I think the following passage from Horkheimer’s Traditional and Critical Theory serves as a good postscript to my earlier post on Value-Form Theory and Critical Social Theory. This is because I think it does a good job of showing how … Continue reading

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Capital-centric Marxism and Negative-Dialectics-centric Critical Theory: Value-Form Theory as critical social theory

Value-form theory is often criticized for its obsession with Marxological philology or for its theological attempt to logically-derive all of society from Capital. In some instances the two might even overlap. This is not the case with all value-form theory … Continue reading

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Backhaus on the signficance of Marx’s value-form analysis

‘The value-form analysis is significant in a three-fold respect: it is the point of confluence of sociology and economic theory; it inaugurates Marx’s critique of ideology and a specific theory of money which founds the primacy of the sphere of … Continue reading

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Backhaus on Fetishism.

I’m a particular fan of the following bit from Dialectics of the Value-Form because it does such a good job of: (a) encapsulating the many bad readings of fetishism and (b) bringing out how Marx’s theory of fetishism differentiates itself … Continue reading

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Gerstenberger on State, Capital, Crisis

The author of Impersonal Power delivering a keynote in English at some conference in Frankfurt:   For those who don’t have the time to grapple with the Leviathan that is Impersonal Power, Open Marxism Volume 1 has an essay by … Continue reading

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Adorno 1962 Seminar on Marx.

What follows is a rough translation a friend made for me of H.G. Backhaus’ notes from Adorno’s 1962 seminar on Marx. The notes are published as the appendix to Backhaus’s yet untranslated Dialektik der Wertform: Untersuchungen zur marxschen Ökonomiekritik A translation … Continue reading

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