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On Adorno’s Relevance.

All to pertinent bit of an article i’ve been working on: This Adornian analysis would thus start from the premises that contemporary capitalist society is a comprehensive negative totality reproduced according to the dynamic of Marx’s theory of value, accumulation … Continue reading

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Institutional Critical Theory and Crisis

The following historical irony occurred to me: the tenants that might be said to characterize the development of post-Habermasian critical theory — the complexity and differentiation of social spheres and the importance of a normative standpoint — have made it-ill suited … Continue reading

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Fail again, Fail Better: Reification, Critical Theory and Crisis

I spent part of my summer on the following, which tries to provide contemporary critical theory with a notion of crisis by drawing on and developing the Marxian strand of Lukacs’ theory of reification. In so doing, I thought I … Continue reading

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Heinrich and Kurz Debate

Taking the liberty of reposting a debate between Robert Kurz, Michael Heinrich, Thomas Ebermann and Joseph Vogl, which was translated by Negpot and originally available on the now sadly defunct Principia Dialectica: “Robert Kurz, Marxian philosopher, journalist and editor of … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s notes from his debate with Michael Roberts

For those seeking a more in depth account of Michael Heinrich’s contribution to his recent debate with Michael Roberts, here is a summary of  Heinrich’s contributions to the discussion with Michael Roberts at the MarxisMuss Conference in Berlin, May 16th, … Continue reading

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The Falling Rate of Profit and its Discontents

Sašo Furlan has written an extremely helpful article examining the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, its various interpretations, and the implications of these interpretations.    

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Sotiropolous and Milios on Crisis and Fincialization

Whilst Re-reading Sotiropolous, Milios and Lapatsioras’s work on financialization, I was struck by their intriguing and counter intuitive analysis of financialization. In essence, in contrast to accounts that argue that financialization developed as a parasitic attempt to resuscitate profits in … Continue reading

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Milios on Crisis in Volume III

ON MARX’S CRISIS THEORY IN THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT OF THE 3RD VOLUME OF CAPITAL John Milios Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, National Technical University of Athens Abstract The notion of capital overaccumulation, as constructed by Marx in Volume … Continue reading

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State, Capital, Crisis

A recent Gerstenberger article: The article argues that any state theory has to take into consideration the fundamental changes of the logic of power that was brought about by the advent of capitalism. While a territorial logic of power was … Continue reading

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McNally on the New Normal

An impressively bleak interview with David McNally in which explains how austerity, high unemployment and the generalization of misery will be the ‘new normal’ for the next several decades. Capitalism is the crisis, innit.

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