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Marx’s Theory of Value — Money and the Business Cycle.

Audio of this HM panel — April 26, 2013 With Paul Mattick Jr, Fred Moseley and Duncan Foley A panel from the Historical Materialism New York 2013 Conference. Paul Mattick Jr: The Business Cycle and Marxian Theory Fred Moseley: Money … Continue reading

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Kuruma on Marx’s Theory of Crisis. has several chapters from what looks to be an interesting book by Kuruma on Marx’s theory of crisis, that stresses its systematic and unfinished nature: ‘Marx’s general grasp of crisis—as in the case of other problems he deals with—is … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s critcism of the Secular Crisis.

The idea that the current crisis is a secular crisis has some currency in several contemporary Left currents. I reckon the analysis that underlies this is too often premised on a philosophy of history, rather than a complex historical analysis. … Continue reading

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Colletti on Crisis.

Stumbled upon this on bit on crisis in Colletti’s article on ‘Marxism and the Dialectic’ from NLR. I’m by no means an expert on the history of Marxian crisis theory but it seems to me that as with his work … Continue reading

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New Heinrich Article on Crisis.

This Month’s issue of the Monthly Review has a new article by Michael Heinrich on Marx’s crisis theory: In Marx’s work, no final presentation of his theory of crisis can be found. Instead, there are various approaches to explain crises. … Continue reading

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In a strange frame of mind these days. So strange that the following made me nostalgic and homesick for the place I spent my late teens and early 20s. Despite its bollocks use of bollocks Tiqqun slogans, there are also … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the History of Crisis Theories.

Anwar Sheikh provides an interesting overview of crisis theories. He argues that crisis should be looked at from the perspective of reproduction. A crisis, then, is the disruption of reproduction which is accounted for in different ways by Neoclassical, Keynesian … Continue reading

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Crisis Talk.

What follows is the transcript of the talk I gave at the crisis meeting. It went down like a lead balloon. I tried to aim the talk somewhere between critical theory experts and novices. Unfortunately, this strategy did not result … Continue reading

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Notes on the Frankfurt School and Crisis.

What follows is the bare outline of a talk I am preparing for panel on the relevance of the Frankfurt School for the contemporary social crisis. At the moment the talk is tentatively titled — ‘The Frankfurt School and Crisis … Continue reading

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Crisis in Capital and Crisis in Capitalist Society.

Following the distinction made by Heinrich and others, it might be helpful to make a distinction between capital and capitalist society in accounts of crisis. By doing so a crisis of capital could be more strictly defined as disruption and … Continue reading

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