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Critical Theory in the Time of Trump

Monster new issue of Logos features articles by Werner Bonefeld, Samir Gandesha, John Abromeit, myself and others on Critical Theory Right-Wing Populism, and Trump Advertisements

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Alfred Schmidt, The Idea of Critical Theory

Thanks to Riccardo Bellofiore for pointing this one out: bookscancenter-4

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Critical Theory and Trump

There have been many hot takes in the aftermath of Trump’s election. Although I reckon many people are overdoing it historical parallels when it would be more helpful to admit one of the most terrifying things about all of this … Continue reading

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Alfred Schmidt on Henri Lefebvre and Contemporary Interpretations of Marxism

The English translation of the German afterword to Lefebvre’s Dialectical Materialism (which Schmidt translated) bookscancenter-1

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On Adorno’s Relevance.

All to pertinent bit of an article i’ve been working on: This Adornian analysis would thus start from the premises that contemporary capitalist society is a comprehensive negative totality reproduced according to the dynamic of Marx’s theory of value, accumulation … Continue reading

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Surplus Population, History and Obstinacy

Negt: “You could put it like this: The labor power that capital can tie down by dint of Taylorism is markedly decreasing in both capitalist countries and Third World countries. More and more living labor power is slipping out of … Continue reading

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Frankfurt School Philosophy and Economy

Excellent new issue of History of Human Sciences edited by Matthias Rothe and Bastian Ronge including articles by Bonefeld on Adorno and Engster on crisis.  

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