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Time and Subsumption.

Like ‘reification’, ‘dialectic’ and ‘totality’ before it, subsumption has become one of those terms that is fetishised. Describing something as ‘subsumed’ is often treated as so theoretically sound that no account is necessary of what this process of subsumption is … Continue reading

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Living Distinctions over Atrophied Oppositions: Hegel as Critic of Reification.

By what hacks who write from the perspective of empty abstraction might call a simple twist of fate,  the second in the ongoing series of guest contribution to this blog comes from Eric-John Russell, who was on a panel with … Continue reading

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Determinacy for Itself − the Measure in Hegel and Marx

What follows marks the first in what I hope will be a series of posts by other contributors to this blog. The series starts with a copy of a paper delivered by Frank Engster at the 2012 Annual Historical Materialism … Continue reading

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