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Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy as a frame.

Building upon the last post, the way that I plan to argue that revisiting the work of Adorno, Lefebvre etc. can help develop the critique of political economy as a critical social theory is by criticizing the Anglophone reception of … Continue reading

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HM Critical Theory Stream

Stream on Critical Theory: “How the Commodity Form Dies” Historical Materialism Conference 2014 “How Capitalism Survives” Eleventh Annual Historical Materialism London Conference – 6-9 November 2014 – Vernon Square, Central London More than ever the theoretical implications of Marx’s theory … Continue reading

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New Elbe Translation

Readers of this blog will be excited to hear that Viewpoint has published a full translation of Ingo Elbe’s Between Marx, Marxism and Marxisms – Ways of Reading Marx’s Theory, which provides an excellent comparative analysis of the Traditional, Western and … Continue reading

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on Bourgeois Political Economy and Hegelian Marxism.

Marx states somewhere in The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts that Hegel has the same standpoint as bourgeois political economy. He says something like they both rest on appearance without understands how essence appears. This can be drawn out by comparing … Continue reading

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