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Heinrich and Kurz Debate

Taking the liberty of reposting a debate between Robert Kurz, Michael Heinrich, Thomas Ebermann and Joseph Vogl, which was translated by Negpot and originally available on the now sadly defunct Principia Dialectica: “Robert Kurz, Marxian philosopher, journalist and editor of … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s notes from his debate with Michael Roberts

For those seeking a more in depth account of Michael Heinrich’s contribution to his recent debate with Michael Roberts, here is a summary of  Heinrich’s contributions to the discussion with Michael Roberts at the MarxisMuss Conference in Berlin, May 16th, … Continue reading

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Michael Heinrich is not a Marxist

Not denouncing him, but referring to this on the problem of marxism.    

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The Falling Rate of Profit and its Discontents

Sašo Furlan has written an extremely helpful article examining the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, its various interpretations, and the implications of these interpretations.    

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Heinrich on Postone

A new translation of Michael Heinrich’s perceptive review of Postone’s Time Labor and Social Domination: This lopsidedness of Postone’s conception of the theory of value is continued in his concept of capital, which is developed solely from the perspective of … Continue reading

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Heinrich on the state.

Re-posting a link to Heinrich’s Marx’s State Theory after “Grundrisse” and “Capital”. The one I put up sometime back is dead. In addition, the paper does a good job of supplementing the aspect of Marx’s form-analytic state theory that the … Continue reading

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HM Critical Theory Stream

Stream on Critical Theory: “How the Commodity Form Dies” Historical Materialism Conference 2014 “How Capitalism Survives” Eleventh Annual Historical Materialism London Conference – 6-9 November 2014 – Vernon Square, Central London More than ever the theoretical implications of Marx’s theory … Continue reading

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Heinrich on the State

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Heinrich in Discussion

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