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Heinrich on Marx’s dialectical presentation.

‘The order of the presented categories is itself the bearer of a determinate yield of information: it shows the connection of these categories, the interconnection that exists between them. Categories like the commodity, money, capital, wage-labour, and so forth, are … Continue reading

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Heinrich answers his critics

MR has just posted a number of criticisms of Heinrich’s article on the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, and Heinrich’s response to these criticisms. Find it here.

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HM Paper

Here is the text of my talk at the Tenth Annual Historical Materialism Conference. I’m afraid I’m too busy to properly copy-edit or cite it. So I thought I would stick it up, riddled with the sort of run-on sentences … Continue reading

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New Heinrich Article on Crisis.

This Month’s issue of the Monthly Review has a new article by Michael Heinrich on Marx’s crisis theory: In Marx’s work, no final presentation of his theory of crisis can be found. Instead, there are various approaches to explain crises. … Continue reading

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Heinrich Review.

I’ve been deemed suitable to review the work of those far better than me.

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Michael Heinrich – The Development of Marx’s Theory of Value, and its Ambivalences (English)

Good talk by Heinrich over at Communism.  

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On Faux Populism and some criticisms of David Harvey’s companion to Capital.

For sometime I have time I have thought the status of David Harvey’s Companion to Capital is undeserved. It was not until last night that I understood why this was the case. Since Capital is a dense text with occasional … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s introduction to the three volumes of Capital Now Out!!

Buy it. And don’t just take it from me:   I hear from many people who’d love to read Capital, but find the thing almost prohibitively daunting. Michael Heinrich has written an excellent little introduction to Marx’s masterpiece. Among its … Continue reading

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Heinrich, Eberman, Kurtz and Vogl: roundtable symposium on economic crisis.

In a shock move Principia Dialectica have broken with tradition and posted something of interest. Something tells me they will soon be back to the sort of infantile sectarianism my friend described as equivalent to behaving like the kid in … Continue reading

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Bonefeld Course on Marx.

Stumbled upon the syllabus of Werner Bonefeld’s course on Marx. If your just starting on Capital, unlike other popular courses you may be familiar with, Bonefeld’s syllabus has the virtue of focusing on the main themes of Capital.  He also gets fetishism and … Continue reading

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