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Heinrich on Marx’s State Theory after “Grundrisse” and “Capital”

Here’s an interesting conference paper of Heinrich’s on the development of Marx’s theory of the state. I found it while looking for articles on Heide Gerstenberger’s Impersonal Power, which I plan on reading along with some of the other stuff on … Continue reading

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Marx’s Version of The Trinity Formula.

Michael Heinrich mentions the following in Engels’ Edition of the Third Volume of Capital and Marx’s Original Manuscript: At this stage, a serious error of Engels has to be mentioned. Marx wanted to begin his seventh chapter, “Revenues (Income) and … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s Introduction to Capital

At the moment I’m copy editing. My time is also being taken up by my part time job, where I literally serve as an appendage of a machine. I cut paper down to various sizes on a guillotine. So in … Continue reading

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