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Tomba on Dialectic of Enlightenment

Massimiliano Tomba’s excellent “Adorno’s Account of the Anthropological Crisis and the New Type of Human” has the following discussion of Dialectic of Enlightenment which I think provides of very cogent statement of how it should be read in contrast to … Continue reading

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Stefan Breuer, ‘The Long Friendship: Theoretical Differences Between Horkheimer and Adorno.’

Breuer’s seminal essay on the important differences between Horkheimer and Adorno That critical theory is not a unity has long been known. The differ­ ences between early critical theory and Horkheimer’s and Adorno’s work from Dialectic ofEnlightenment onward have recendy … Continue reading

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Right of Asylum

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Value and Misery

Interesting to think of the following Horkheimer aphorism as a criticism and corrective to  derivationism:    

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Horkheimer on Social Domination

From “The Little Man and the Philosophy of Freedom in” Dawn in Decline, thanks to the discussion in Abromeit’s book on Horkheimer: “The businessman is subject to laws which neither he nor any power with such a man- date created … Continue reading

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Fail again, Fail Better: Reification, Critical Theory and Crisis

I spent part of my summer on the following, which tries to provide contemporary critical theory with a notion of crisis by drawing on and developing the Marxian strand of Lukacs’ theory of reification. In so doing, I thought I … Continue reading

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