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Clarke on Habermas

Reckon Clarke is spot on in his analysis of Habermas, in Marx, Marginalism and Modern Sociology, if not Adorno and Horkheimer (in their case he makes the unfortunate move of not only focusing on the Weberian aspects of DofE, but … Continue reading

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Dead Dogs Never Die: Hegel and Marx

Frank Engster and Eric John Russell have edited what looks to be a fantastic special issue of Revista Opinião Filosófica on the Hegel Marx collection with contributions from Arthur, Moseley, Jameson, Lange, Schmidt and what might be the first English … Continue reading

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Alfred Schmidt on the Concept of Knowledge in the Critique of Political Economy

Andres was kind enough to pass along the attached pdf of a poor translation of Alfred Schmdit’s Zum Erkenntnisbegriff der Kritik der politischen Ökonomie. A new translation is in the works. In the meantime, enjoy Schmidt’s distillation of a number … Continue reading

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Lotz on Engster

Christian Lotz has written a review of Frank Engster’s very important work for Marx and Philosophy Review of Books: “In addition to the absolutely brilliant sections on Lukács and Sohn-Rethel, the book’s strongest part is Engster’s masterful handling of Marx. … Continue reading

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Marcuse on Marx’s Theory of Value

The following is an appendix in Crisis and Commonwealth: Marcuse, Marx, McLaren “Wert und Tauschwert fallen nicht zusammen,” is filed as HMA 0109.01 (Herbert Mar- cuse Archive, Stadt- und Universitäts Bibliothek Frankfurt). It contains a handwritten notation at the top, … Continue reading

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Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy as a frame.

Building upon the last post, the way that I plan to argue that revisiting the work of Adorno, Lefebvre etc. can help develop the critique of political economy as a critical social theory is by criticizing the Anglophone reception of … Continue reading

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Bunyard on Debord

In my book Tom Bunyard is the carefullest and most interesting Debord scholar working today. He has uploaded a number of articles on Debord, temporality, recuperation, and praxis here.

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Fetishism and natural history

The latest iteration of an article I have been developing in light of Marx’s monetary theory of value and the relation between his use of fetishism, natural history and primitive accumulation: This article posits a new interpretation of how Marx … Continue reading

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Heinrich’s notes from his debate with Michael Roberts

For those seeking a more in depth account of Michael Heinrich’s contribution to his recent debate with Michael Roberts, here is a summary of  Heinrich’s contributions to the discussion with Michael Roberts at the MarxisMuss Conference in Berlin, May 16th, … Continue reading

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Adorno’s Marxism

A recording of the panel I participated on at HMNY on Adorno’s Marxism.

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