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Heinrich on Postone

A new translation of Michael Heinrich’s perceptive review of Postone’s Time Labor and Social Domination: This lopsidedness of Postone’s conception of the theory of value is continued in his concept of capital, which is developed solely from the perspective of … Continue reading

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Sotiropolous and Milios on Crisis and Fincialization

Whilst Re-reading Sotiropolous, Milios and Lapatsioras’s work on financialization, I was struck by their intriguing and counter intuitive analysis of financialization. In essence, in contrast to accounts that argue that financialization developed as a parasitic attempt to resuscitate profits in … Continue reading

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Reification, Crisis and Critical Social Theory

Here is the work in progress I will be presenting at the CSETPW tomorrow: The Rationalization of Isolated Activity and the irrational Whole: Lukács ,Reification and Critical Social Theory[1]   In March of 2005, Axel Honneth gave the Tanner Lectures … Continue reading

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Notes on Translation in Part One of Capital Continued.

An odd translation of the following passage on the necessary expression of the value-form by Fowkes that substitutes ‘material and non-mental’ for objective (‘sachlichen.’) ‘On the other hand, it is in fact necessary that value, as opposed to the multifarious … Continue reading

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Money in 1861-63.

One of several passages that are good on the role of money as measure as well as its social genesis i.e. what Jura I think rightly stresses are the qualitative and quantitative aspects of Marx’s monetary theory of value: “Thus, … Continue reading

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Marx on Ricardo Continued.

A great passage that shows the qualitative difference between Ricardo and Marx and the importance of money in Marx’s theory of value: “Ricardo’s mistake is that he is concerned only with the magnitude of value. Consequently his attention is concentrated … Continue reading

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Marx on Money from Historical Notes on Analysis of Commodities.

Gopal Balakrishnan posted these notes by Marx on Facebook. I’d never come across them before but they feature a good comparison between Neo-Ricardian socialist theories of value and Marx’s monetary theory of value:  Since labour-time is the substance and the … Continue reading

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John Weeks (SOAS) The theory and empirical credibility of commodity money

Monetary Theory of Value peeps might be interested in Weeks paper which can be downloaded over at the CSE Trans-Pennine Working Group. Here is the abstract:   The recent instability in financial markets demonstrated the inadequacy of the mainstream treatment … Continue reading

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Adorno 1962 Seminar on Marx.

What follows is a rough translation a friend made for me of H.G. Backhaus’ notes from Adorno’s 1962 seminar on Marx. The notes are published as the appendix to Backhaus’s yet untranslated Dialektik der Wertform: Untersuchungen zur marxschen Ökonomiekritik A translation … Continue reading

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Books on Marx’s monetary theory of value.

Suzanne de Brunhoff’s Marx on Money can be found here. The ISMT edited collection featuring Arthur,Bellofiore, Reuten Murrary, Mosley et all can be found by googling  mosely marx arthur ism. It’s the first result.

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