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On the demise of Principia Dialectica.

Word from the Anarchist bookfair is that internet trolls were responsible for the demise of Principia Dialectica. I take that mean that the brighter and more receptive members took Negpot’s valid criticism into consideration. Hats off to the actualization of … Continue reading

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Principia Dialectica RIP.

There are moments that capture the zeitgeist. Events you will always associate with a certain place and time. Baby boomers remember where they were when JFK got shot, The Beatles broke up, or Lennon got shot. People of my generation … Continue reading

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Marxism In Other Theory.

I’m always curious to see how Marxism is construed in other theoretical discourses. I’m also usually disappointed at how it is construed where what is designated as Marxism is usually reflective of Wordview Marxism, not Marx’s theory. Its interesting to … Continue reading

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Notes on Lukacs V: Why Lukacs would never make it as an Anglophone Philosopher.

The Re-rewrite of my Lukacs re-write is in full swing. I am once again reminded of terminological slippage Lukacs commits that wouldn’t fly in these analytic days. This slippage consists in: (a) Lukacs’s interchangable use of the terms commodity form, … Continue reading

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