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PR in a nutshell.

I should have just shown this in my PR course and left:

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More Notes on Value, PR and Domination.

I’m toying with the idea of changing the speculative end of my thesis. Instead of what I have–which was my attempt to use Higher education as the contemporary confluence of the trinity formula and the insights of Lukacs, Adorno and … Continue reading

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Productive Strawmen: Notes on Consumer Culture, Value and Use-Value.

One of the things I’ve noticed preparing my lecture on consumer culture is the importance consumer culture theorists give to distinguishing their conception of value from Marx’s theory of value. This distinction is usually formulated as follows; whereas Marx’s labour … Continue reading

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The Merchants of Cool.

Interesting documentary, if dated doc, I’ll be screening during class tomorrow on the teenage culture industry. I found the bits on ‘cool hunting’ where marketers follow teens around for days on end with cameras and turn the footage into a … Continue reading

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CFP Rethinking Work.

Tempted to through together an abstract on PR and value for the following, which looks interesting:   The 15th Annual Conference of the Marxist Reading Group Rethinking Work Keynote Speakers: Fredric Jameson, Kathi Weeks, Michael Denning, and Kevin Floyd March … Continue reading

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Productive Hypostatization and Productive Strawmen.

These week I’ve been preparing a lecture on consumer culture. While I find much of the stuff by Adam Arvidsson and Roberta Sassatelli interesting, some of their criticism has got me to thinking about the productive roles that hypostatization and … Continue reading

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Notes on PR and Value theory.

The more I teach PR the more the question of how it relates or fits into Marx’s monetary theory of value crosses my mind. What I have come up with is rough and still be worked out but I think … Continue reading

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More Foucault on Marx.

From a newly published interview in Foucault Studies: Do you mean to ask me what the relations are that I have myself established between my work and Marxism? I would tell you that I haven’t established any. I haven’t established … Continue reading

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On Foucualt and Marx.

From the most excellent article by Christopher Chitty over at Viewpoint: In the wake of the May ’68 uprising, the French ultra-left attempted to circumvent the Communist Party as the vehicle for the transformation of society, and sought to displace … Continue reading

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Notes on PR Part 1: Disciplinary Subjectivity.

I’ve decided on my strategy for coping with some of the more reactionary statements my PR students make. I am going to treat the class as a field study in the formation of subjectivity, disciplinary discourses and recuperation. Regarding the … Continue reading

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