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Foucault on Capital.

He weren’t no Left-Ricardian: ‘What did Marx do when in his analysis of capital he came across the problem of the workers’ misery? He refused the customary explanation which regarded this misery as the effect of a naturally rare cause … Continue reading

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Foucault on Abstraction

Reads like a passage from the Theses on Fuerbach or The German Ideology: It is humanism that is abstract! It is all these cries from the heart, all these claims concerning the human person and existence that are abstract: that … Continue reading

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Foucault: Truth and Subjectivity/The Culture of the Self/

Lecturing on Foucault on Monday. Very much preferable to Habermas. Its been years though so all these uploaded lectures are new to me, if nobody else:    

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Habermas Photos.

Here’s some choice photos ill be using for my Habermas power point. Time for a meme I reckon:

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Marx on the Public Sphere.

Trying to find some video footage for my lecture on the public sphere and I stumble on this atrocity:

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PR on The Frankfurt School.

Also found this passage amusing: Teaching PR alongside study of the media and mass communication presents further problems. This part of the academic world is still overshadowed by the Frankfurt School, established by those left-wing German social thinkers who fled … Continue reading

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PR and Trans-historical Hypostatization.

Not at all surprised to see that our old friend trans-historical hypostatization is alive and well in PR text books. Look how he egregiously pops up: In a sense PR is timeless, and has existed in all societies since the … Continue reading

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