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Reichelt on The Frankfurt School and Reification.

If any of you are looking into how the Frankfurt School conceptualized reification, or if any of you who have tried to figure it out, the following anecdote is quite telling. It confirms my suspicion that the concept of reification … Continue reading

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John L Anderson: Capital A Weapon of Mass Destruction.

John Louis Anderson 1945- John Louis Anderson is a former nuclear physicist and weapon designer who is currently doing research on what he terms the gravest threat to our national security: Capital as a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Anderson was … Continue reading

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Notes on Lukacs and Reification I.

Rereading History and Class Consciousness this week to rewrite my chapter on fetishism in Lukacs. The first time I wrote the chapter I made a fairly straight forward argument that Lukacs’s theory of reification was inconsistent and contradictory. This time … Continue reading

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Marx and Lukacs.

Now I’m re-writing my Lukacs chapter. I’m trying to stress the discontinuity between Lukacs’ conception of reification and Marx’s theory of fetishism. To be sure there are thematic parallels. Lukacs’s analysis was also certainly historically important and includes some conceptual … Continue reading

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Althusser and Fetishism.

Currently trawling through my literature review. So apologies for the lack of any substantive content. One thing that did surprise me while trawling through the reams of commentary on fetishism was how much I agreed with Althusser’s conception of fetishism … Continue reading

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Lit Review Pet Peeves

Stuck into my literature review where I am trying to construct some workable typologies for different interpretations of fetishism. So far I have: fetishism as false consciousness, fetishism as reification, fetishism as alienation and value-form interpretations of fetishism. In the … Continue reading

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