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Alfred Sohn Rethel Selected Works

This Collection will offer new editions of Sohn Rethel’s Intellectual and Manual Labour and The Economy and Class Structure of German Fascism, which will include translations of Antonio Negri’s introduction to the Italian edition of the former and Johannes Agnoli’s … Continue reading

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Lefebvre and Sohn-Rethel.

It has occurred to me that there are a number of interesting parallels, and possible points of productive synthesis, between Henri Lefebvre and Alfred Sohn-Rethel. In the first place, it is interesting to note that Lefebvre and Sohn-Rethel both conceived … Continue reading

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Money as Measure, Means, and Method: Calculating with the Identity of Time

Frank Engster’s monster work on money is now out. Essential for scholars of Marx, Critical Theory, Sohn-Rethel and Value-Form Theory.

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Frank Engster’s HM paper

Here is Frank Engster’s contribution to our recent HM panel:  “Reading Capital after 1968: The commodity form, value and crisis in the Neue Marx-Lektüre and Althusserian Marxism.” The Critique of the Commodity-form in Lukács, Adorno, and Sohn-Rethel  My talk will … Continue reading

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Between Vulgar Marxism and Marxology: The State as ‘the force of value’ in Alfred Sohn-Rethel

I gave the following paper at Goldsmiths yesterday. Since it was thought out and composed in the midst of applying to 60 odd jobs, I lacked the necessary time to think it out or refine it. Instead, I essentially presented … Continue reading

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Ethics and Real Abstraction

This may have been done but it strikes me that Sohn-Rethel’s theory could be used to criticise the practice of ethical capitalism. In much the same way that Sohn-Rethel shows, and thus derives, the parallels between the exchange abstraction and … Continue reading

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Monetisation and the Genesis of the Western Subject.

Interesting article in the new issue of HM by Richard Seaford: This paper searches early Greek texts (Homer, Herakleitos, Parmenides, Plato) for the genesis of the idea of the individual mind or soul as a unitary site of consciousness, and … Continue reading

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