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Process of Domination, the article

I finished my final edits yesterday on an article for a new journal called Black Box, which PM Press will be putting out. The article is adapted from a talk I gave last year at the Institute for the Humanities, … Continue reading

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State Violence, State Control

I am dedicating this week to putting the final edits on an article based on my talk about critical theory and the domination of nature, posted here last summer. The article also draws on my article on the state in … Continue reading

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Heinrich on Postone

A new translation of Michael Heinrich’s perceptive review of Postone’s Time Labor and Social Domination: This lopsidedness of Postone’s conception of the theory of value is continued in his concept of capital, which is developed solely from the perspective of … Continue reading

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Gerstenberger on capitalist state power

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Adorno on the State and Capital

Expanding and revising my talk on the domination of nature I posted sometime back for publication in late summer. Well, I’d hoped it would be just that. Really, its turned into a proper re-structuring and a re-write. One of the … Continue reading

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Viewpoint on the State

The new issue of Viewpoint is now up. Must read all of it, I reckon.

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The German World-Market Debate

Nachtwey and Brin’s excellent discussion of the German World-Market Debate, a very important issue for the current interest in state theory.

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Bonefeld on Clarke

Bonefeld makes the following important comments in his review article on The State Debate, which  both contextualize and put forward important criticisms of Clarke’s theory: ‘within the context of the CSE debate on the state, the emphasis on class struggle … Continue reading

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State, Class Struggle, and the Reproduction of Capital

The problem of the state is often posed as the problem of reconciling the class character of the state with its institutional separation from the bourgeoisie: what are the mediations through which the state is, despite its apparent neutrality, subordinated … Continue reading

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Heinrich on the state.

Re-posting a link to Heinrich’s Marx’s State Theory after “Grundrisse” and “Capital”. The one I put up sometime back is dead. In addition, the paper does a good job of supplementing the aspect of Marx’s form-analytic state theory that the … Continue reading

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