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Heinrich on the state.

Re-posting a link to Heinrich’s Marx’s State Theory after “Grundrisse” and “Capital”. The one I put up sometime back is dead. In addition, the paper does a good job of supplementing the aspect of Marx’s form-analytic state theory that the … Continue reading

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Clarke on Form-Analytic and Althusserian Marxism

One of the projects I have been working on concerns points of compatibility between the form-analytic and Althusserian readings of Marx. I have also been struggling with articulating what I find problematic about the Althusserian interpretation of fetishism. In this … Continue reading

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Between Vulgar Marxism and Marxology: The State as ‘the force of value’ in Alfred Sohn-Rethel

I gave the following paper at Goldsmiths yesterday. Since it was thought out and composed in the midst of applying to 60 odd jobs, I lacked the necessary time to think it out or refine it. Instead, I essentially presented … Continue reading

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Wood on the state.

Probably using the following from Ellen Meiksins Wood on the state as an example of what a critical materialist theory of the state should consist in: The ‘autonomy’ of the capitalist state is inextricably bound up with the juridical freedom … Continue reading

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Bonfeld: From Adam Smith to Ordoliberalism: on the political form of market liberty

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Notes on the State and Capital in Deadwood

Unless I missed it, there has been nothing written about how good Deadwood is at dramatizing the interplay between the state and capital. I reckon this happens at two levels of narrative that might be said to dramatize the international, … Continue reading

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visa clusterfuck

Looks I’m facing a logistical clusterfuck courtesy of the recent changes to UK visas. I’m currently scheduled to hand in my visa on the 21st of jan. My visa expires on the 7th of Feb. I need to be back … Continue reading

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Putin Lights the Fire of the Revolution.

New Pussy Riot tune is a tune:

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On the Uses and Abuses of Marx’s terminology for Shoddy Analysis: Gerstenberger on Harvey.

Just wanted to point out some amusing instances when Gerstenberger calls out Harvey’s use of Marxian categories to firm up shoddy argumentation. Not that Harvey is a particularly egregious practitioner of this tactic. Its just that I think people should … Continue reading

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Gerstenberger on State, Capital, Crisis

The author of Impersonal Power delivering a keynote in English at some conference in Frankfurt:   For those who don’t have the time to grapple with the Leviathan that is Impersonal Power, Open Marxism Volume 1 has an essay by … Continue reading

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