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Thesis sans Copy-editing.

I just sent my thesis off to the copy editor. Those who are interested in the research process can read it now warts and all. Those who aren’t can wait till I post the fully polished turd. thesis7

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Good Examples of Bad Critical Theory Continued.

I knew contemporary critical theory had moved away from engaging with Marx, but I had no idea how much it had done so. In the period from 2008 to the present there are a grand total of zero articles in Constellations, … Continue reading

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Good Examples of Bad Critical Theory.

Whilst readers of this blog are right to probably refrain from being acquainted with this type of literature, I am looking for some good examples of bad contemporary critical theory to cite in my thesis. By bad critical theory I … Continue reading

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On Editing and Obsolescence

And so it came to pass on the 27th day of December in 2012 that I changed the phrase in my thesis which I used to name this blog. In an attempt to anticipate fussy examiners I have been working … Continue reading

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Thesis Update: sorting out the introduction.

Tomorrow I get back to my thesis. In what will be a final push lasting six weeks I need to work on three things: (1) situating why my thesis is important i.e. what impact it will have. (2) sorting out … Continue reading

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Just when you think yr out……..

Feedback from my Supervisors is trickling in. The good news is that the content has been deemed substantial and original by one and generally good so far by the other. Not the rave reviews you initially imagine when starting a … Continue reading

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Here’s the copy of my thesis I’m about to hand into my supervisors. Its all polished except for the conclusion and the formatting in the footnotes. Thesis1. Now to get started on my review of the Heinrich for Marx and … Continue reading

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Lefebvre Chapter.

To top if off here is the polished version of my Lefebvre Chapter. lefebvreoctpolished

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Lukacs Chapter.

For your consideration I present my polished Lukacs chapter. Those who read the earlier version I posted will also notice much of it has been re-written. Its better than it was before because I finally got the distinction he makes … Continue reading

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A Genealogy and Critique of Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle.

My aim over the next two days is to finish polishing the remaining chapters from my thesis. Then I will turn the whole damn thing over to my supervisors who will ignore it, then read it with hurried indifference, and … Continue reading

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