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Notes on The Trinity Formula and Critical Theory.

What follows are some thoughts on what I am set to propose at the end of my thesis. Its set to be one of these points that combine fanfare with the speculative move of pointing toward something. It will be … Continue reading

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Taking Second Nature In A New Direction.

While it can be argued that Lukacs and Adorno’s theories of second nature provide analysis of the constitution and constituents of social domination that are lacking in Marx’s model of capital at its ideal average. It seems to me it … Continue reading

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Marx, Trees and Second Nature II

Marx makes use of trees in The Trinity Formula in the same manner as I pointed out in yesterday’s post: Whatever may be the disparity of these relations in other respects, they all have this in common: Capital yields a … Continue reading

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In Conclusion.

I’m Sick to death of re-writing and trying to polish my thesis. So I thought I would take the time to outline my conclusion. Its up next and I need to think about it and outline it some more.  This … Continue reading

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Error on Trinity Formula Translation error.

JR was kind enough to point out my cock up on this post. In the post I point out that distorted it is a bad translation of verkehrten form. For some reason I then substitute verrückt for verkehrten. I don’t how I managed … Continue reading

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Trinity Formula Translation Error.

NB. I Just discovered that the English translation of the Trinity Formula on translates verkehrten form as distorted form. Distorted is a word analytical philosophers use that sounds concise but is really quite general. Distorted also contributes to fetish … Continue reading

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Marx’s Version of the Trinity Formula II

Here’s a pdf i’ve done correcting the structure of Fernbach’s translation of the trinity formula. I know Fernbach makes some egregious errors in his translation of the chapter on interest-bearing capital, so I imagine there are also some errors in … Continue reading

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