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Marcuse on Marx’s Theory of Value

The following is an appendix in Crisis and Commonwealth: Marcuse, Marx, McLaren “Wert und Tauschwert fallen nicht zusammen,” is filed as HMA 0109.01 (Herbert Mar- cuse Archive, Stadt- und Universitäts Bibliothek Frankfurt). It contains a handwritten notation at the top, … Continue reading

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Horkheimer on the Critique of Political Economy

“The critique of political economy comprehends the present form of society. In a purely intellectual construction, the concept of value is derived from the basic concept of the commodity. From this concept of value Marx develops the categories of money … Continue reading

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The Theory of the Form and the Development of Forms: Fetishism, Methodology and Social Theory in New Readings of Marx’

Here is a paper I am looking to revise for publication that compares elements of Ranciere and Backhaus and Reichelt’s new readings of Marx and argues that Heinrich can be said to bring together these elements. Periodefinal  

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The Falling Rate of Profit and its Discontents

Sašo Furlan has written an extremely helpful article examining the law of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, its various interpretations, and the implications of these interpretations.    

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Heinrich on Postone

A new translation of Michael Heinrich’s perceptive review of Postone’s Time Labor and Social Domination: This lopsidedness of Postone’s conception of the theory of value is continued in his concept of capital, which is developed solely from the perspective of … Continue reading

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nihil humani

An excellent, frequently updated, blog (tumblr blog) that should be of interest those who read this unfrequently updated blog.

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Thinking about Humans with Kluge and Negt

I started reading the new translation/edition of Kluge and Negt’s History and Obstinacy on the bus to and from teaching. What I’ve read is really great so far, and it got me thinking about humans. As I see it, the … Continue reading

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The Simple Form of Value

From Karl Marx and the Classics, p. 25:  

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Colletti on fetishism, science and revolutionary negation.

I think the following excerpt demonstrates, not only that Colletti was an incisive reader of Marx, but that more of his work should be translated. Hopefully someone who is fluent in French, Italian and German will write what would be … Continue reading

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