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The Death of the Death of the Left.

From minute 54, Endnotes eviscerate the historical and theoretical bases of the Playtpus credo —  

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Helmut Reichelt-‘Neue Marx-Lekture.

A .pdf of a collection of Reichelt’s most important work can be found at the VSA website.    

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Vaue, use-value and things.

Interesting passage from Capital volume 1 highlighting what I think are important differences between Marx and Hegelian-Marxist interpretations of value qua reification and need. Note that that Marx does not reduce labour-power– nor the labourers who sell it– to a … Continue reading

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Heinrich Interview.

Excellent lengthy interview with Heinrich can be found here.

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Notes on Alienation in 1844 and Valorization in 1864.

I make the argument in my thesis, which I have referred to in several posts, that Marx’s critique of political economy shouldn’t just be seen in terms of a continuity with his comments on estranged labour in 1844, but that … Continue reading

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Value in 1861-63.

More passages that demand as much scrutiny as the ones on estranged labour in 1844: “If we consider first of all the relationship as it has become, value which hasbecome capital (and surplus value which has become surplus capital), and … Continue reading

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Value in 1861-63 continued

  “In so far as the surplus product is valorised anew as surplus capital, enters anew the labour process and the process of self-valorisation, it divides itself into: 1) means of subsistence to be exchanged for labour capacity. This part … Continue reading

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The independent being-for-itself of Value

More on value in terms of autonomous personification and inversion: “The independent being-for-itself of value in the form of money (as value) or materially in the form of productive capital, means of production, which also includes means of subsistence — … Continue reading

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Fetish Character and personification in 18661-63 Continued.

Another of Marx’s summary notes that recall the logic of the fragmentary argument he presents over the course of the 1861-63 manuscripts. I highlight it for the continued emphasis on personification and the fetish characteristic properties of value. Note here … Continue reading

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Machinery and Validity in 1861-63.

Interesting note qua the importance of social validity in many of the value-form interpretations of Marx as well as the importance other newer interpretations of Marx have put in the Fragment on Machines. “With machinery — and the mechanical workshop … Continue reading

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