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Reconsidering Reconstruction

I have been thinking about the following passage from Werner Bonefeld’s Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy for some time: Helmut Reichelt is right when he argues that the time has come to reconsider the purpose of reconstruction, … Continue reading

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Horkheimer on the Critique of Political Economy

“The critique of political economy comprehends the present form of society. In a purely intellectual construction, the concept of value is derived from the basic concept of the commodity. From this concept of value Marx develops the categories of money … Continue reading

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The Theory of the Form and the Development of Forms: Fetishism, Methodology and Social Theory in New Readings of Marx’

Here is a paper I am looking to revise for publication that compares elements of Ranciere and Backhaus and Reichelt’s new readings of Marx and argues that Heinrich can be said to bring together these elements. Periodefinal  

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Bunyard on Debord

Bunyard’s article does an excellent job of unpacking neglected aspects of Debord’s thought to supplement the value-theoretic elements that Jappe and others have highlighted.

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HM Critical Theory Stream

Stream on Critical Theory: “How the Commodity Form Dies” Historical Materialism Conference 2014 “How Capitalism Survives” Eleventh Annual Historical Materialism London Conference – 6-9 November 2014 – Vernon Square, Central London More than ever the theoretical implications of Marx’s theory … Continue reading

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Upcoming Talks

Excited to be giving the following upcoming talks: ‘Reification, Crisis and Critical Social Theory’, CSE Trans-Pennine Working Group, University of Leeds, Beech Grove House seminar room at 1400 on the 25th of April. “The Central, Structural Problem of Capitalist Society … Continue reading

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