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Alfred Schmidt, The Idea of Critical Theory

Thanks to Riccardo Bellofiore for pointing this one out: bookscancenter-4

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Alfred Schmidt on Henri Lefebvre and Contemporary Interpretations of Marxism

The English translation of the German afterword to Lefebvre’s Dialectical Materialism (which Schmidt translated) bookscancenter-1

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Alfred Schmidt on the Concept of Knowledge in the Critique of Political Economy

Andres was kind enough to pass along the attached pdf of a poor translation of Alfred Schmdit’s Zum Erkenntnisbegriff der Kritik der politischen ├ľkonomie. A new translation is in the works. In the meantime, enjoy Schmidt’s distillation of a number … Continue reading

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Black Box

The article of mine on the Domination of Nature has just been published alongside other luminaries in the first issue of Black Box.

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On Schmidt and The Concept of Nature

Two good passages nicked from friends: “Since men are, as physiological beings, directly entwined with nature, organs of its circulation process, what befalls all creatures befalls them; like all animals they die, and nothing comes thereafter, as Brecht puts it. … Continue reading

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