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Stefan Breuer, Adorno’s Anthropology

Anniversary commemorations are ambivalent events, particularly when they celebrate philosophers. Such commemorations focus on a life’s work and occasionally contribute to its elucidation. However, they frequently do violence to those they intend to honor, by emphasizing primarily those aspects of … Continue reading

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The Obsolescence of Humanity

Looks like somebody is working on a long overdue translation of Gunther Anders The Obsolescence of Humanity: Exactly half a century ago, in the year 1906, my father William Stern, at the time about twenty years younger and generations more … Continue reading

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Toward a Negative Anthropology

Dennis Johannssen has provided a good overview of the notion of negative anthropology in Adorno and Horkheimer: From its inception, the Frankfurt School was sceptical of the new momentum anthropological thought gained during the Weimar Republic. Although its members were … Continue reading

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Bonefeld’s Negative Humanism

“Louis Althusser was right to argue that Man as such does not exist. Man as such does not do anything and Man as such is therefore incapable of alienating herself as a personification of perverted economic forms. In distinction to … Continue reading

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