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The Valoristation Process in 1861-63

I include what follows because of its stress on the objectivity of the alien forms and their place in the valorization process: The term “valorisation process” is not to be taken in its previous sense as a process of the … Continue reading

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The independent being-for-itself of Value

More on value in terms of autonomous personification and inversion: “The independent being-for-itself of value in the form of money (as value) or materially in the form of productive capital, means of production, which also includes means of subsistence — … Continue reading

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Capital in 1861-63 Continued.

And the following lengthy which incorporates many of the phenomena I have posted on such as domination, personification, reification, subsumption, valorisation, science etc. in one fell swoop. This is why its worth quoting in full: The capitalist himself only holds … Continue reading

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Workers as Personified hours.

Fuckin’ apt, innit: “FULL-TIMERS — HALF-TIMERS — this way of describing workers who work full time and children who work only half time, which is not only used by the English manufacturers, but occurs officially in the FACTORY REPORTS, is … Continue reading

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Personified Things and Personification in 1861-63.

One of many passages that offer a more in depth discussion of the level of abstraction and themes also discussed in the fragmentary section of the Trinity Formula: “Thus the participants in capitalist production live in a bewitched world and … Continue reading

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Personification in 1861-63 continued.

Noice: “We have already seen that this is a characteristic of labour based on commodity production, on exchange value, and this quid pro quo is revealed in the commodity, in money (Hodgskin does not see this), and to a still … Continue reading

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Cooperation and the Personification of things.

One of the mistakes I made in my thesis was that I did not focus on the importance of subsumption in Marx’s account of fetishism or the lack of a sophisticated account of subsumption in Lukacs, Adorno and Lefebvre. Here … Continue reading

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Mere Personification in the 1861-63 Manuscripts.

I’m reading the 1861-63 Manuscripts. I was struck by how often Marx uses the term ‘personification’ in his notes on the valorisation process with reference to the roles of workers and capitalists take on in capital valorization. If I recall … Continue reading

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Article Ideas/tired tirade on Personfication.

Another thing I need to be working on is publishing articles. Publish and perish and all that jazz. So expect some upcoming posts on sketches for article ideas. This should be one of them. But i’m to tired and ornery … Continue reading

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More Notes on Fetishism and Reification.

Another in my continuing series of jottings on why reification and fetishism should not be conflated. This one is triggered by the productive brain storming session I had on the train and by conversations I had last night with some … Continue reading

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