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Inversion and the Home Market.

Bonefeld has made the important point that the section on ‘so-called primitive accumulation’ accounts for the preconditions of the constitution of the inverted social reality of capital. Re-reading chapter 30 drew my intention to the fact that Marx also accounts … Continue reading

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Bonefeld’s synthetic presuppositions.

I’ve been reading up and re-reading Bonefeld to try to anticipate what sort of problems and questions he will have with my reading of Marx and Adorno. In doing so, I came to realize the importance that the idea of … Continue reading

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Marx on Debt, Capital and Primitive Accumulation.

Reckon Banaji’s Deutscher Prize lecture–and his work in History and Theory–were influenced by this brilliant passage: The public debt becomes one of the most powerful levers of primitive accumulation. As with the stroke of an enchanter’s wand, it endows barren … Continue reading

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