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HM Paper

Here is the text of my talk at the Tenth Annual Historical Materialism Conference. I’m afraid I’m too busy to properly copy-edit or cite it. So I thought I would stick it up, riddled with the sort of run-on sentences … Continue reading

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Ranciere’s Contribution to Lire le Capital.

Here’s a shitty scan of the whole of Ranciere’s contribution to Lire le Capital.  For my money the first three parts have one of the best discussions of the difference between the early and late Marx in terms of the … Continue reading

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Ranciere on Alienation and Abstraction.

Ranciere makes an excellent point about the conflation of abstraction and alienation qua essence in thought in what follows, which might also serve as grounds for a critique of Hegelian-Marxism: ‘The concept of abstraction in the anthropological critique is the … Continue reading

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The concept of ‘critique’ and the ‘critique of political economy’ (from the 1844 Manuscript to Capital)

Ranciere’s contribution to Lire le Capital was left out of the English translation of Reading Capital. This is a shame, since as Elbe points out, Ranciere’s interpretation of critique and the genesis of value have important parallels with the early work of … Continue reading

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