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Clarke on Fetishism

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Clarke on The Critique of Political Economy

“According to the dominant interpretations, Marx’s theories suppos- edly integrate the critical historicist perspectives of utopian socialism and of Hegelian idealism with the bourgeois materialism of Feuerbach’s philosophy, in the early works, and of political economy, in the works of … Continue reading

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Bonefeld on Clarke

Bonefeld makes the following important comments in his review article on The State Debate, which  both contextualize and put forward important criticisms of Clarke’s theory: ‘within the context of the CSE debate on the state, the emphasis on class struggle … Continue reading

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State, Class Struggle, and the Reproduction of Capital

The problem of the state is often posed as the problem of reconciling the class character of the state with its institutional separation from the bourgeoisie: what are the mediations through which the state is, despite its apparent neutrality, subordinated … Continue reading

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