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Time and Subsumption.

Like ‘reification’, ‘dialectic’ and ‘totality’ before it, subsumption has become one of those terms that is fetishised. Describing something as ‘subsumed’ is often treated as so theoretically sound that no account is necessary of what this process of subsumption is … Continue reading

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The Dynamic of Social Reproduction and Subsumption.

Another summary passage, but worth highlighting, because of the notion that the inner tendency of capital gives ‘reality a form’, and the discussion of how the phases of subsumption feature in this dynamic: “If we presuppose the capitalist mode of … Continue reading

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Social Productive Power, Subsumption and Capital.

A nice passage from the 1861-63 manuscripts highlighting subsumption and the perversion of social labour in the forms of money and capital: “The social productive power which arises from cooperation is a free gift. The individual workers or rather labour … Continue reading

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