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Indifference in ‘The Results.’

Re-reading ‘The Results’ has reminded me of the importance Marx makes of indifference in these manuscripts. I think the following passage is importance because it highlights the mutual indifference at the heart of the capital-labour relation. Furthermore, I think this … Continue reading

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The Genesis of Money and its Fetish Character.

Another passage from the results discussing the constitution of money as arising from the specific conditions of capitalist social production in which a class of propertyless workers produce things which become personified ‘fetishes endowed with a will and soul of … Continue reading

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A succinct distinction between fetish-character and fetishism.

The following passage gives a very succinct distinction between the fetish characteristic properties things have as bearers of value in the social ontology of capital and the fetishistic analysis of political economists, who trans-historicise these conditions: “The stupidity of this … Continue reading

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Notes on Alienation in 1844 and Valorization in 1864.

I make the argument in my thesis, which I have referred to in several posts, that Marx’s critique of political economy shouldn’t just be seen in terms of a continuity with his comments on estranged labour in 1844, but that … Continue reading

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