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Valorization, Negativity and Need: Thoughts on Use-value

Allow me to speculate on the repercussions of different interpretations of use-value by comparing Marx and Adorno’s interpretation of the concept in reference to a social theory of domination. Put succinctly, Marx defines use-value as utility, Adorno as an undefined … Continue reading

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Use Value in 1861-63.

From what I know the following passage is the most extensive of Marx’s comments on use value. What I find interesting is the perspective from which he discusses use value. Instead of using it as a basis for how human … Continue reading

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Towards a history of use-value.

Another point of interest that has cropped up in my studies is the way use-value has been variously interpreted in Marxist social and cultural theories. While it seems to me that what is important and brilliant about the category of … Continue reading

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Productive Strawmen: Notes on Consumer Culture, Value and Use-Value.

One of the things I’ve noticed preparing my lecture on consumer culture is the importance consumer culture theorists give to distinguishing their conception of value from Marx’s theory of value. This distinction is usually formulated as follows; whereas Marx’s labour … Continue reading

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